DENTNet branding
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The first global operator with blockchain secure backend.
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TDSoftware GmbH
Visualizing blockchain
Blockchain is a highly abstract concept, and it is challenging to create visual elements that effectively show its principles.
Show complexity in a simple way
Behind DENTNet is a blockchain technology that is not so easy to understand. When designing for DENTNet, I aimed to avoid overwhelming, complex visuals that may confuse potential clients and create a simple brand presence using straightforward metaphors.
Using keywords helps to simplify the brand's essence into a few words. This simplification gives a clear beginning for design and ensures that all design parts match the brand's main identity and message.
Mood board
A mood board provides visual inspiration and serves as me as s reference point. It also evokes specific emotions and moods associated with the brand.

I wanted DENTNet to look and feel like a global, flexible net that covers the world and provides safe connection.
Logo design process
When designing a logo, I always looked back at my research and mood board, trying to find a fitting image that feels like the brand's voice and clearly represents the idea.
Final logo
The final logo looks more straightforward and minimal than previous iterations but has a clear message. The square blocks represent the decentralized blockchain nodes, while the mobile connection bar is the mobility and connectivity.
The squares and tiles represent the building blocks of mobile connectivity, symbolizing the interconnectedness of devices and networks.
Landing page concept
Creating a website concept is an important starting point in developing a design language that always helps me to see how all design elements look together.
Other assets