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Janova is the first app for table tennis players with an intelligent AI racket, whose goal is to encourage people to play table tennis and develop an online table tennis community.
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TDSoftware GmbH
Janova GmbH
Performance tracking system
Most of the players don’t have any tracking system for their training. Janova enables users to accurately track their performance, including shot accuracy, speed, intensity, and focus.
Keeping players motivated
Keeping users engaged is one of the significant problems of every product. The app's activity feed and profiles create a sense of community and friendly competition among users, motivating them to practice regularly and achieve their goals.
Guidance for personal improvement
AI offers instant feedback on users' gameplay, helping them understand their strengths and weaknesses and providing actionable advice for improvement.
Connecting the smart racket
Smart racket is the key to detailed personalized feedback and statistics. The racket easily connects through Bluetooth and pairs with the user’s profile.
A user can start training in three ways: warmup, drill practice, or match.

The app offers a wide range of table tennis drills to help users improve their skills, allowing them to focus on specific aspects of their game.

After finishing, the user can check his training performance, including stroke number, speed, accuracy, and strength. The statistics will be more general if the user doesn’t have a smart racket.
Activity feed
In the activity feed, players can post their training sessions and observe other players, statistics, and techniques. It fosters a sense of community by helping players feel more connected to others who share their passion for the sport and keeps players engaged.
Profile records all user's training and gives an overview of his skills and advice from AI.

Personal statistics provide valuable insights into a player's strengths and weaknesses. This helps users identify areas needing improvement and plan their training accordingly.
I genuinely think that Janova is a great idea that moves the society towards a healthier and happier environment by encouraging people to play table tennis and develop the tennis community. This project gave me a lot of insights and challenged me as a designer in the area I haven’t had experience before.