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The ultimate app for youth communities of Germany, where users can connect, discover local events, chat with fellow members, and ask dedicated youth center workers for guidance and support.
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TDSoftware GmbH
Lack of communication
One of the primary issues was a lack of effective communication between the youth club members, parents, and the youth center workers.
Lack of engagement
With low engagement, the app may not fulfill its purpose of building a vibrant community. So, one challenge was encouraging users to participate in events and conversations actively.
Content moderation
Ensuring the app remains safe and inclusive may require rigorous content moderation. Failure to do so could lead to toxic discussions and harm the community.
Information architecture
My goal was to keep the app structure easy and give users an overview of the app possibilities from the first glimpse. Easy to navigate home screen with clear structure lets users quickly find the information or features they're looking for.
I always start with wireframes before proceeding to  UI design stage. They allow me to focus on the layout, placement of elements, and overall user interface without getting distracted by aesthetics, colors, or detailed graphics.

Wireframes are also ideal for collecting first feedback from stakeholders, developers, and potential users.
When designing onboarding, I wanted to minimize the friction and barriers to entry but keep the process fun and engaging at the same time. That’s why there were included essential things like name and phone number or email entry and additional gamification features designed primarily for youth members: titles and avatar creation.
Home screen
The home screen showcases everything happening in the community right now: the latest news, ongoing events, and notifications.

It has a clear and straightforward layout, and users don't have to expend mental energy figuring out how to navigate.

Depending on the user role, the home screen slightly differs, since the community workers and teachers have wider access to special features like creating events, posting news and updates, and managing people and chats.
Events encourage active engagement with the app and provide opportunities for members to come together and connect.

We wanted to encourage users to visit events as often as possible, so we incorporated a fun gamification feature for club members: each time the user visits the event, he earns a nice sticker displayed later in his profile.

To make it safe for members, only workers of communities can post them and invite people.
Private and public community chats
Chats facilitate collaboration on initiatives and community activities. Members and workers can coordinate efforts and plan events together.

Chats support both one-on-one conversations between members and workers and group discussions.

Private chats are not meant for daily communication but for situations when kids or young people seek support or help, for example, in case of home violence.
Personalized user profiles
Unique user profiles allow members to showcase their personality and style through profile customization features, like avatar and title constructor, sticker collection, and engaging features with questions from random community members.
Dark mode concept
The dark mode concept is a personal initiative since it was not a part of the project scope. Dark mode is crucial for all mobile applications as it improves text readability, particularly in low-light conditions.
Juniti is the first app for youth communities in Germany.

Together with the TDSoftware team, we developed a super-app with many necessary features to ease the lives of workers and members, addressing potential problems and challenges.

This project has taken a special place in my heart ❤️.